1. Extract the
  2. Install the xap file (sideload it... If you have your phone developer-registered use the "Application Deployment" tool, or use the ChevronWP7 unlocker:
  3. You can double tab any file and it should open from any folder.
  4. Phone <-> Desktop Feature:
    1. Connect your device (let Zune start) and start the "FileExplorerServiceHost.exe" (will most likely need administrator rights).
    2. Choose one of the following (to get your ip address)
      • Open up a command prompt (enter "cmd" in start menu) insert "ipconfig" and search for your ip address
      • Open network and sharing center click on your current connection and then details you will see the ip address there
    3. Open Advanced Explorer and set the "Host-Address" option in settings to your ip
    4. Make sure you make the keyboard disappear and save the settings with the save button!
    5. Desktop -> Phone: Slide to the remote tab. After refresh you should see the files in the "UploadRoot" folder on your pc near the "FileExplorerServiceHost.exe"-file.
    6. Phone -> Desktop: Select any file and click send. Your file should appear in the DownloadRoot folder (in the right subfolder). If it does not you have no access to this file or it is opened by Windows.

  1. If you get "Can not delete Temp dir" Errors after some usage: There are some files which Advanced Explorer can copy but not delete and one of them is now in the Temp folder, this is no critical error but it indicates that there are some files spoiling your free space. To delete those files just reinstall Advanced Explorer.
  2. In order to boost up the File system browsing there is a filter function (the search symbol) if you enter "a*" only files/folders starting with "a" will be shown
  3. If you need a licence for commercial use (Explorer or Library) contact me!

How to use the source code

  1. Download
  2. open in the Yaaf.Wp7.AdvancedExplorer project the "Readme_Required" Folder and execute the steps in the Readme.txt file
  3. Build

Remaks (Source Code)

- Manages the Interaction with the Filesystem/Registry.
- Tries to provide a Device Independend Api.
- If you want to add new Devices thats the right place to look in.

- uses Yaaf.Wp7.NativeAccess
- the explorer Gui
- You have to include the Com-dll files in this project, to include them in the xap (added them via link)

Simple Host Application to host the FileExplorerService

The service the File explorer connects with

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